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M. Tech – Geotechnical (IIT Kanpur)

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Mr. Himanshu Kotak, an IITian is a Geotechnical professional with 10 years’ experience. He has a vast experience in the field of geotechnics and geosynthetics. He has worked in many of the infrastructure sectors including Highways, Railways, Airport, Port-Marine, Landfill, Thermal Power Plant, Residential etc. His area of expertise in the field of geotechnics and geosynthetic are including:

1) Design of Shallow and Deep Foundations.

2) Ground Improvement Using Prefabricated Vertical Drains (PVDs), Stone columns, Basal Reinforcements etc.

3) Slope Stability Analysis.

4) Earthen Embankments - Analysis, Specification, Testing, Monitoring etc.

5) Geotechnical Investigations (Field and Laboratory)

6) Interpretations of Geotechnical Data and report writing.

7) Geotechnical Instrumentation & Monitoring.

8) Liquefaction Analysis.

9) Design of Reinforced soil walls / Reinforced soil slopes (Highway/Railway/Airport Approaches).

10) Design of Gravity/Reinforced Gabion walls.

Mr. Himanshu Kotak has done M.Tech in Geotechnical Engineering from IIT Kanpur. He is a BE-Civil degree holder from MSU Baroda. He has gained his experience by working with verities of work profiles starting from Trainee Engineer, Engineer, Sr. Engineer, Manager, and Project Manager Etc in Indian as well in MNC Companies. He has work experience on both Indian as well as abroad projects. He has worked with companies like Maccaferri, Techfab, TES-Oman, CGR India, TCE etc.

During his work, he has used verities of Indian as well as International codes for geotechnical practice. Some of these codes are listed here. IS6403, IS8009, IS 1904, IS 1892, IS2720 (All Parts), IS 2131, IS15284, IS 2911 (All Parts), IS 7894, IRC75, IRC5, BS8006, BS8004, Eurocode-7, FHWA, NCMA, IRC-SP-102 etc.

He has vast experience on using geotechnical design softwares such as Geoslope Slope-W, Seep-W, MSEW, RESSA, Geo-5, Plaxis, Macstars, Gawacwin, SR Wall, Anchor Wall, Allan Block etc. He is also very good at developing and using Excel spreadsheets. His roles and responsibilities in his past assignments over the period of 10 years can be briefly summarized as follow:

(1) Foundation works - Open foundation, Pile foundations

(2) Geotechnical investigations - Planning, witnessing, Monitoring, Technical evaluation, report review, report writing, coordination with vendor etc.

(3) Reinforced soil walls as per BS 8006, FHWA -ASD and LRFD, Eurocode 7, IRC-SP-102 & NCMA code

(4) Ground improvement works: Soil replacements, Stone columns, PVDs, Basal Reinforcements

(5) Reviewing Geotechnical Interpretive Reports, Slope Stability Analysis Reports, Ground improvement and settlement reports, Deformation Analysis reports, Reviewing Construction method statements.

(6) Reviewing Instrumentation data.

(7) Reviewing Instrumentation data.

(8) Witnessing various field testing such as SPT, Vane Shear Test, Field Density Test, Plate load test, Borehole samples identification from sampler etc.

(9) Inspection of Earthwork Quality at site, implementation of ground improvement works at site.

(10) Inspection of implementation of reinforced soil slopes at site.

(11) Evaluating Degree of consolidation based on field records.

(12) Reviewing the performance of soil after ground improvement is complete.

(13) Decision making for removal of surcharge once required ground improvement achieved.

(14) Coordinating with Independent Engineer for taking approval for various reports.

(15) Coordinate with client & contractor for geotechnical works.

(16) Bearing capacity and settlement estimates for storage tank foundations and various building foundations,

(17) Reviewing design documents for pile foundation works.

(18) Witnessing contractor’s assessment for confirmatory bore holes for determination of type of rocks.

(19) Ensuring proper technique implemented for recovering rock samples – triple core sampler.

(20) Physical identification works for the recovered samples from confirmatory borehole.

(21) Witnessing unconfirmed compression strength (UCS) and point load testing (PLT) at laboratory.

(22) Pile integrity testing. Witnessing Pile load testing.

(23) Frequent site visits for checking chiseling, bailing and sounding of pile foundation borings at jack-ups & Barge.

(24) Identification and classification of rock samples received from boring.

(25) Identification of rock touch level for good rock and founding level for pile.

(26) Decision making for rock socketing.

(27) Calculating pile capacities based on load test data- Vertical, Lateral and Uplift,

(28) Stresses and settlement calculations for CW pipes due to heavy vehicles.

(29) Preparation of earthworks specifications.

(30) Review and resolution of comments from client/consultants for geotechnical aspects of project,

(31) Review of pile integrity testing reports.

(32) Coordination with geotechnical agencies for soil investigation works/reports.

(33) Review of deep excavation schemes.

(34) Value engineering by suggesting innovative methods for cost savings such as light weight fill, use of geosynthetics etc.

(35) Active involvements in meetings with inter departmental meetings / Site meetings.

(36) Ensuring effective communication regarding geotechnical aspects between Civil/structural/Architectural engineer.